1.  When are you open? -- We are open during the season on Saturdays and Sundays, 10 am - 5 pm.  Please check the schedule page to get the exact dates of when the season will open and close.
2.  Do you sell pre-picked apples? -- Yes, we sell pre-picked apples and pears in the barn, along with other local items such as honey.
3.  Can we pick pears? -- No, because of the nature of how pears ripen, we have to pick them all in a very rapid fashion.  Pears will start falling as soon as they are ripe.
4.  Do you have a minimum amount to pick in the orchard? -- We do.  We ask that you pick a minimum of a peck (~10.5 lbs.) of apples.  If you have more than 4 people in your party over the age of 3, we ask that you pick a minimum of a peck for every 4 people.
5.  Do you have a parking fee? -- No, we do not have a fee for parking or admission.
6.  What are your payment options? -- We currently accept credit card, cash and checks.  We prefer cash or credit cards.
7.  Do you have other entertainment besides apple picking? --  Discovering a variety of apple or pear that you have never tried before is all the entertainment we usually need.  We do not have hay rides, petting zoos, or anything like that.  We are apple picking in its purest form.
8.  Can we bring our pet to the orchard? -- No, we cannot allow animals into the orchard.  If you bring your pet with you, we ask that you leave it in your vehicle while you pick.
9.  What should we wear to the orchard? -- There are sometimes a good amount of mosquitos and bees in the orchard.  We highly recommend bringing mosquito spray, as you will most likely need it.  Wear comfortable, closed toe shoes.  The bees love the broken fruit on the ground, and if you are wearing sandals, you might very well get stung.  Other than that, dress comfortably for the weather.
10. Can we bring a wagon? -- Yes.  We encourage you to bring a wagon if you don't think your children will be able to make it walking the entire time.  Also, parents will enjoy having an apple carriage if the bag gets heavy.  We do not provide wagons.
11. Can we picnic in the orchard?  -- No, we are not setup to allow picnics in the orchard.  If you want to have a picnic while out for the day, there are parks in Woodstock, McHenry, or Crystal Lake that we can direct you to that are far better suited for picnics.
12. Is there a bathroom on-site? -- Yes, we have a bathroom in the sales barn that you can use.
13. How do you pick an apple? -- The best way to pick an apple is to grasp it and turn it upside down, as if it were a door knocker.  This properly breaks the stem at the branch without harming it.  Next year's apples grow right next to where this year's apple is, so it is very important to pick it cleanly. 
14.  What apples make the best applesauce? -- Usually early apples make great apple sauce.  We like to use a variety of apples in our sauce.  Mix and match several varieties together.  The sweetness of some and the tartness of others will make an ideal sauce.  Windfalls are a great option for apple sauce, and they are available for half price.
15.  What apples make the best pies? -- We like our pie apples to remain formed and somewhat firm.  Some of our favorite pie apples are:  Empire, Cortland, Baldwin, Bramley's Seedling, Jonathan, and Northern Spy, just to name a few.
16.  Can we bring a ladder, or are ladders available? -- No, we do not allow ladders nor do we provide them.  There is usually plenty of low hanging fruit for kids to get without too much effort.