1.  When are you open? -- We are open during the season on Sundays, 12 pm - 4 pm.  Please check the schedule page to get the exact dates of when the season will open and close. For 2017, we will only have pre-picked fruit. We will not be allowing anyone in the orchard to pick this year.
2.  What are your payment options? -- We currently accept credit card, cash and checks.  We prefer cash or credit cards.
3. Is there a bathroom on-site? -- Yes, we have a bathroom in the sales barn that you can use.
4.  What apples make the best applesauce? -- Usually early apples make great apple sauce.  We like to use a variety of apples in our sauce.  Mix and match several varieties together.  The sweetness of some and the tartness of others will make an ideal sauce.  Windfalls are a great option for apple sauce, and they are available for half price.
5.  What apples make the best pies? -- We like our pie apples to remain formed and somewhat firm.  Some of our favorite pie apples are:  Empire, Cortland, Baldwin, Bramley's Seedling, Jonathan, and Northern Spy, just to name a few.