Standard Schedule
Approximate ripening dates:     (Refresh the website for weekly updates)      
The orchard will be opening the weekend of September 10 - 11.
Sept 10 & 11 -- Lustre Elstar and Honeycrisp. Pears will be available in the sales room.

Small quantities of other varieties may be available on a weekly basis.                               

Our orchard includes 80 varieties of apples and pears. Different varieties of pears will be available in our sales room during the season.  Some of our antique apples did produce a crop this year, but many of our standard varieties did not.    We expect apples in this part of the country to be in limited supply again this year, but perhaps more bountiful than last year.  We encourage you to check our website or Facebook page often for up-to-date availability.
We accept cash, checks, & credit cards
Bushel of apples ~ 42 lbs. - $65
Half bushel of apples ~ 21 lbs. - $35
Peck of apples ~ 10.5 lbs. - $20
Pick your own, or purchase ready picked fruit.
Windfalls are half-price.  Windfalls are apples we have picked up off the ground and are generally clean with a few bruises.  They are great for juice, cider, or applesauce.
All apples must be washed before use.  Windfalls, especially, must be washed thoroughly.