Standard Schedule
The orchard will be opening on Monday, September 4th (Labor Day). We will be open 12 pm - 4 pm. For the rest of the season, we will be open only on Sundays from 12 pm - 4 pm. We expect the season to last until mid-October. Check here or Facebook for details.
There will be no picking this year. We will only have pre-picked fruit available in the barn.

We accept cash, checks, & credit cards
Bushel of apples ~ 42 lbs. - $65
Half bushel of apples ~ 21 lbs. - $35
Peck of apples ~ 10.5 lbs. - $20
Windfalls are half-price.  Windfalls are apples we have picked up off the ground and are generally clean with a few bruises.  They are great for juice, cider, or applesauce.
All apples must be washed before use.  Windfalls, especially, must be washed thoroughly.